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Linkedin Profile – 5 Linkedin Tips To Stand Out (2018)

Linkedin Profile – 5 Linkedin Tips To Stand Out (2018)

so i was on the question and answer forum Quora the other day and i came across this
question and the person said does being on LinkedIn really help you get hired? and ah,
so I took it upon myself to answer this question and within 4 days i received 100,000 views
and 600 up- votes on my answer.
In summary, I said that LinkedIn, or having a LinkedIn profile has completely changed
my life.
About a year ago i landed an awesome job at Amazon and when the recruiter reached out
to me out of the blue, i didn't call them, when she reached out to me I asked how and
she said LinkedIn.
And so, having a LinkedIn profile is extremely powerful and what it has allowed me to do
is flip the traditional model of applying and hoping that a company is going to call
me back to now recruiters flooding my profile and hitting me up asking me if I'm interested
in coming to work for their company.
So, what I want to share on this video is 5 tips I've learned along my journey in refining
my profile to get a flood of traffic to your profile and help you land an awesome role.
My first tip is having a completed profile, and i'm talking 100% complete.
According to LinkedIn people that have a completed profile are 40 times more likely to be found
then people that don't, but only 50% of the 400 Million members on LinkedIn actually have
a completed profile.
So, take it upon yourself to make sure everything is filled in because at the end of the day
LinkedIn is s search engine and the people that are using it are recruiters and the way
LinkedIn is gonna categorize search results for recruiters is by the level of completeness
for a bunch of candidates that are out there right.
If I have an All-star profile and you have only a couple things filled in on your profile
I'm gonna be the one that comes in ahead of you on the search results so.
The way LinkedIn categorizes the profiles:you start with beginner profile, you have intermediate,
advanced, expert and All-star.
So I have an All-star profile.
If you want to find out what your profile level is all you have to do is log into LinkedIn
, edit your profile and on the right hand side you'll see a little logo that will tell
you what level of completeness that you have and they'll guide you along the way to get
to the next couple levels.
#2, your headline.
So, in your headline I see a lot of people that like to do some fancy stuff.
They say something like technologist or marketing ninja, but the people that are using LinkedIn
are the recruiters right..They are searching for the specific title title, the specific
role so.
For me for example, I have Manager of Product management, Amazon, and then i have an interesting
tag-line at the end.
So you could say something like technologist or marketing ninja at the end, but put your
title and the main keyword phrase that someone else would search on the front end of your
#3 picture quality.
I can not stress enough the importance of an awesome photo on LinkedIn.
Whether you have a nice headshot and a blurry background or you have a headshot with a solid
color background.
Anything that is just you looking at the camera with good lighting is really important.
If you don't know if your photo is bad or not there's 2 services and I'll put those
in the description below 1 is photofeeler and the other is snappr.
You could upload your photo and then people can vote on the quality of your photo.
Highly recommend going to those services if you don't know if your photo is bad.
#4 the description.
So the description is right underneath your photo and this is that big white section that
you can write whatever you want.
I think it's really important to sell yourself.
You want to write a compelling summary so that people reach out to you and say I need
this person.
One of the things that you should focus on here is not having really dense paragraphs
A lot of the recruiters are looking at profiles on their mobile device so make the profiles
really mobile friendly.
#5 your connections.
So there are two things here that are really important…the quality of your connections
and the quantity of your connections.
For the quantity of your connections, a lot of recruiters will say that if you have less
than 500 connections it's a turn off for them to see on your profile.
Now, I don't think thats necessarily true if you are in your 20's and you're just getting
started in your career, having less than 500 connections is totally ok, but if you are
in your 30's, 40's, 50's, plus, and you have less than 500 connections LinkedIn has been
around for a long time now, its definitely a red flag that you are not actively engaged
in networking with your community.
For quality of your connections, LinkedIn, as I've said before is a search engine, so
having a bunch of connections from a company that you are really interested in working
for is definitely a plus, right.
A recruiter's gonna come on your profile and they're from Google for example and they're
gonna see that you have 50 other connections from Google, and that for them is gonna set
them at ease and give them enough confidence to give you a call and reach out to you so
definitely a plus.
Alright guys that's all I got for you today on crushing it with your LinkedIn profile.
I hope you enjoyed the content.
If you do, definitely try to share that video, hit that like button below and my name is
John Marty, helping you pursue, i cant even talk tonight, helping you pursue your personal
and professional success so you can live a life you truly enjoy.
Thanks so much for watching!

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