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5 Ways to Grow Your Online Presence in 2018

5 Ways to Grow Your Online Presence in 2018

hey this is Jerad with Hill media group and I have five ways to grow your online
presence in 2018 now none of this is new groundbreaking information but it's just
something that I feel I'm constantly having to remind myself of and also
things that I'm continuously teaching others when they ask me questions about
trying to get more exposure online so the first thing is the probably the most
important and that is to determine your message or your topic now it's really
easy to jump from one thought to the other one idea to the other and to to
share things that just really aren't consistent I think the main thing that
confuses me when I'm consuming content from someone is if they jump from one
thing to another we don't really have the capacity I found this in my years of
being in business we don't really have the capacity to associate too many
things to the same person you know I've been a web designer for a lot of years
do online marketing and all that stuff I also have been a photographer for over
10 years and people have a hard time associating me doing more than one thing
they either assume I'm a photographer who fools around with websites from time
to time or I'm a website designer online marketer that knows how to use a camera
it's really hard for people to kind of wrap their heads around that because
most people have one job that they do and so they assume that that's kind of
how the rest of the world works so when it comes to determining your
message or your topic just figure out what that's going to be and try and kind
of rein it in and keep it you know it doesn't mean that you can't talk about
varying things it just means that there needs to be an overall kind of topic
that you go after and not vary too much from time to time try to keep that clear
that message clear and not get too confusing because people definitely get
confused easy because there's a lot of things that we consume a lot of things
that we hear messages marketing all these different things it's hard to keep
it all together so the more that you're able to
clearly define your message to whoever it is that you're talking to your
audience that's gonna be the better option so number two is to choose your
platform there are so many platforms out there and it's very hard to actually to
cater to all of those platforms a lot of people over the years have simply
created one piece of content and broadcasted it to all of those networks
now that might not necessarily be the right way to go because you know what
would work on Facebook might not work on LinkedIn and what would work on
Instagram might not work somewhere else so you really have to kind of figure out
what your message is gonna be and how you're going to deliver that message and
then here choose your platform so for example if you are more apt to sit
behind a camera and talk on video like this you might choose YouTube and maybe
even smaller video clips for Instagram whereas maybe some of you wouldn't be
caught dead behind a camera you rather right so writing a blog writing post to
Facebook or LinkedIn these are definitely networks that you
can deliver your message on so choose your platform and and maybe you could
even do multiple platforms you can write out I could write out this entire topic
that I'm talking about into a blog and deliver that on my website and even
share it on LinkedIn and then this video would be great for YouTube and a concise
like 60-second version of this video would be good for Instagram and maybe
even Facebook so figure out what your platforms are gonna be and how you're
going to deliver your content don't worry about having to be on all the
places I think it's much better to be consistent in one place than it is to be
inconsistent in all the places so number three is share your knowledge sharing
knowledge is very important because there are so many different voices
coming at us with information people telling us that we should do this or
that online reviews and all that stuff so when you're not sharing information
you're not putting your professionalism out there to the rest of the world now
when I sit down with a group of business people that
I know I know that I've got a group of people in front of me that are
professionals and their chosen industries and I can go to them and I
can ask questions and I could say hey have you thought you know what's this
I've been thinking about this what's your professional take on that many of
us don't have that we don't have a big group like that and even my group is
still pretty small that I'm a part of but when sharing our knowledge we are
putting out there our professional opinion our knowledge on a topic for
other people to consume and that is making us the professional to them
because most people don't have somebody in every single industry that they can
trust they need somebody sharing their information and they're gonna find that
information somewhere whether it's on some blog or some website they're gonna
be informed somehow and it might as well be you so don't be afraid to share your
information and not even just the knowledge that you've consumed but even
the work that you do don't be afraid to share that I have a friend and a client
who owns a sign company and he he's an artist I mean he builds beautiful signs
vehicle wraps all sorts of great stuff for his clients but he's afraid to share
that with the world because he's afraid that his competition the other side
shops in the area will start to poach his clients which is a valid a valid
fear to have that when we share too much of who we're doing business with our
competition could come in and try and get that business from us by taking
those clients but when you're driving down the road and you see this great
sign that just went up on this building it doesn't say the name of the sign
company underneath it so you're driving by and saying oh that's a new sign okay
cool and then when it comes time for you to get a sign done for your building or
whatever you know you need you're going to Google and searching inside companies
you're not knowing the company that produced that sign that you really liked
so when you actually share your work online you're able to show people this
is the work that I've done and even though it's putting out the name of your
clients you're now showing the world that that is a job that you did and
they're able to relate that with actual work that they've seen in person and now
you have that mind awareness with them so when you're
sharing your knowledge you definitely want to keep that little bit that
differentiates you that makes you unique this would be your secret sauce you
don't want to give away everything obviously you need something that's left
to provide and a lot of times that's excellent and customer service that's
you know the latest and greatest information that you have from your
industry because you're tied in to that your customers or clients most likely
are not it's it's the secret sauce that separates you from your competition
anything that can be given away for free and can be found on the internet for
free you might as well be the one giving it away for free because everybody else
is already and so if you're holding back stuff that people could get for free
then you are putting a barrier between them and you as far as having them as a
customer or a client when you put all that information out there you're
letting them know that you want to educate that you want to inform them
you're making yourself the professional and you're building trust with them
right there and when it comes time for them to need a service they're gonna
trust you because you're the one that is instilled that information in them so
keep that secret sauce and charge for that
I like the 8020 rule give away 80% charge a premium for that 20 percent
number 4 is to be consistent it's very easy to get a good running start write a
couple of articles put up a couple of videos and then fall off the face of the
planet I see that with a lot of my own clients who ask me to incorporate a blog
or something like that into their website they write a couple articles
they get a little busy and then that falls off and now people got used to
getting cool content from them and now they're not getting any content people
will start to assume maybe that you're too busy and they'll miss that content
as well that content is a marketing tool and you have to look at it as a
marketing tool you are as I mentioned in the last step taking information and
feeding that to your potential customers or even existing customers which helps
in retaining those customers so as you are more consistent you're keeping that
top of mind awareness you know if you don't have any way to keep yourself on
the top of the minds of other people then when
comes time for them to choose or need a service they may not remember you and
they go to Google looking for something and the next flashy thing is going to
attract them so you want to be consistent you want to be putting the
information out there especially if you have the ability to get returned
business from past customers you want to be continually feeding them information
just to keep you on the top of their mind so that way when it comes time for
them to need your services again the only choice is you because you have been
constantly giving them information here and there to help them better their
lives along the way so be consistent and those who are consistent see the
long-term growth of course writing a couple of blogs probably isn't going to
make it rain money but as you continue to pour into your content and put out
information and share that with people it's going to come back to you because
information sharing informs it keeps that top of mind awareness and then when
those people need those services they come back to you because you're the one
that fed in to them so the fifth and final is to invest in growth I get asked
a lot of questions about how to come up with content you know it's we can write
a couple of blogs but then what do I write about next it becomes challenging
to have topics or to continuously feed that now as I continuously feed myself
and educate myself I come up with more topics I read lots of books I read other
blogs I follow up on the technologies that are coming out and all that stuff
read the blogs of the the people that are really doing big things in the
spaces that I'm interested in and I get ideas there especially in my space
there's a lot of technical knowledge it's very high level as far as you know
nerdiness or whatever you want to call it I like to break that down and make it
something that my clients can consume something that actually brings it into a
relevant place for them so that they can understand it and figure out how they
might even apply that to their own business so as I continue to invest more
in myself and educating myself I come up with more and more ideas on content to
share and that's why I'm even sitting right here making this video right now
so those are five things that you can do in the start of
18 to grow your online presence of course there is a lot more to it to get
specific and to come up with ideas but I think that if you can take these five
steps and start to think through them start to write down ideas and come up
with a concept you'll be well on your way to increasing your online presence
in the year 2018 so if you have any questions or thoughts ask them in the
comment section below I'd love to hear those and respond to them and make sure
to click on that subscribe button so that you'll be updated whenever we put
out new videos on our channel if we can help in any way with your web presence
we would love to connect with you head on over to Hill Media Group comm click
on that contact link and shoot us a message thanks again and I hope to see
you back here soon on our YouTube channel
take care

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